WARNING: With the stacking of Trlby's there is a substantial increase of power. With power kiting there is always a risk of injury.

Fly Lines:

6-12 Trlby's use 200lb test

12-24 Trlby's use 300lb test. (with 24 in 18mph or more wind use 500lbs)

48 Trlby's use 800lb test.

Link Lines:

Pre-stretch the line. When stacking more then 12 use 300lb test line. Lines are 31 inches. Tie a loop on each end. Make sure they are exact!!

On 48 stacks I use 500lb test for the first 24 kites

Use 500lb test line. The bridle length is 40 and 42.5 inches

Linking: Start with the rear kite and work forward.

(its best to link the kites with out the metal clips)


This piece takes all the stress instead of the lead kite and should use with 9 or more Trlby's

Need three pieces of K75 tubing two 18.5 inches and one 17 inches

attach them with vinyl tubing. Tie the link lines from the second kite to the bends in the vinyl tubing.
The vinyl holds up good even with a 48 stack.
Tie the lead kite to the phantom.

Bridle: I use 500lb test for the bridle as it has the most stress. Tie the bridle to the lead kite..

You can see the phantom on this stack, It is attached 4 inches ahead of the lead kite and the bridle is attached to the phantom.
It looks better if the phantom is behind the first kite.

stack.jpg (20370 bytes)