United Transportation Union
Local 1637
Wishram/Vancouver, Washington on the BNSF
Formerly the Spokane Portland and Seattle Railway 

   Updated on 01/05/2009





Agreements, revisions and interpretations posted here are for reference purposes only. It would be impossible to include all of the thousands of Awards (some of them conflicting) addressing each Schedule rule. This page simply represents our best effort to provide you with the contracts and understandings currently in place on the various properties.

National Agreements Former BN Agreements Local Agreements
64 National Banked PLD & 7am Markup Bend Road Switcher
72 National Workforce Retention (WR) NP Road Switcher
78 National 2003 RCO Implementing Switching Limits Extension
82 National Discipline/Safety Agreement Vancouver Road Switcher
85 National 1998 Transfer/Rules Testing Vancouver TV Rule 10-1-01
85 Amendment 97 Training Vancouver Cycle Extra board
91 National 93 CREW CONSIST Vancouver ID Assigned Job
96 National 1998 Road Switcher Vancouver ID AGREEMENT
2002 National Displacement Vancouver ID PROTECTION
2002 RCO 14 Hour Rest Rule Vancouver Fill Procedures
  1987 Flowback Lay Off Vancouver Road
  1980 Lodging Lay Off Vancouver Yard
  80 CREW CONSIST Willbridge
  72 ID Templet OE 5-2 Cycle Pool
  (Award 419)  
Working Schedules on the former BN Northern Lines
GN Conductors GN Engineers NP Trainmen
NP Engineers 1980 C&S Schedule 1980 C&S Crew Consist

The Virginia Decision

Work/Rest Guidelines UTU Awards UTU Constitution

            68 Merger Implementing Agreement No.1
            Implementing Agreement No.5
            Implementing Agreement No.5 Allocation

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