Vice President Labor Relations
Burlington Northern Santa Fe
P. 0. Box 961030
Ft. Worth, TX 76161-0030
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Ft. Worth, TX 7613 1-2830


Mr. J. L. Schollmeyer
Local Chairman 1637
Portland, OR 97215

Jane 5,2000
File 11801

Dear Mr. Schollmeyer:

      Reference to your letter dated April 1 , 2000, your file: FTD claims, regarding proper documentation for validation of FTD claims.

      In reviewing the instructions issued by the timekeeping office in Topeka, KS concerning the proper documentation to be furnished by the employees when claiming FTD, I do not think that they violate any agreement or schedule rule. The mere purpose of furnishing the necessary information is to simply validate one’s claim for final terminal delay. The Carrier is not requiring the employees to perform any duties or functions outside the normal performance of their duties as a conductor or engineer. Simply put, the Carrier is only seeking the employees to validate their claim in furnishing the proper documentation.

    Contrary to your opinion, the instructions issued by the TK office are not an attempt to decline FTD payments, but only used for validation purposes.

Very truly yours,
John Fleps

Jay L Schollmeyer
Local Chairman 1637
Portland, OR 97215

JJ Fleps
Vice President Labor Relations
PO Box 961030
Fort Worth, TX 76161-0030

RE: FTD Claims

April 1, 2000

      Mr. Fleps, attached is a declination from the time keeping office with the following instructions.


     Let me point out to you that TSS paperless ticket has a place for FTD start times. The timekeepers have used the AEI event history to verify FDT since 1997. From my position this appears as just another attempt to decline FTD payments.

Let’s review the past history of FTD on the BNSF.

1.       1996 then Terminal Superintendent Dave Wolters give payroll explicit instructions to cut all FTD. 

2.      March of 1997 all FTD was cut account of a dispute on arrival points.

3.      April of 1997 Kathy Johnson and JD Fitzgerald came to an agreement as to the proper arrival points. ( This was accomplished by visual inspection of the Vancouver Terminal and applying the 1955 SP&S Trainmen’s Agreement Appendix X and 1985 Agreement Article V Section 1)

4.      May of 1997 FTD was cut due to lack of documentation

5.      July of 1997 Roger Boldra and myself came to an understanding to support FTD claims in a  paperless environment (attached)

6.      November of 1997 it was discovered that BNSF officers deliberately changed arrival times in TSS, (attached)

7.       November of 1999 with the roll out of TK2000 FTD and ITD claims were being denied.

8.      February of 2000 JD Fitzgerald produced a 30-year history as to ITD/FTD practice and payments.

9.      April 1, 2000 we are back at lines 2 and 4

   One more time the BNSF has demonstrated a complete disregard to past and present agreements. Here is documented proof the BNSF has gone to extreme lengths, from falsifying records or just flatly refusing payment of a proper claim

   Were you surprised that your employees took the time to write Washington in opposition to the purposed CN/BNSF merger? Is it any wonder that HR 3091 is called the Krebs Bill?


Yours Truly,
JL Schollmeyer
Local Chairman 1637


cc: JD Fitzgerald
      D Dealy